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Consecutive interpreting is a mode of interpretation where a speaker pauses at the end of a complete thought to allow the interpreter time to step up and deliver the same speech in the target language. Usually the interpreter summarizes the original sentences or relays the gist. Consecutive Interpretation is more useful for one-to-one meetings and small groups.

Linkbridge offers consecutive interpretation services throughout China in more than 120 languages. We provide professional consecutive interpreters worldwide for your event who will fully support your meeting and help you achieve your business goals.

Depending on the nature of your interpreting session, we will assign you a consecutive interpreter who is not only a native speaker in your target language, but who also possesses necessary industry expertise. This ensures that your interpreter is familiar with the terminology, expressions and ideas that are common in your field. Our experienced consecutive interpreting project manager will find the right consecutive interpreter to meet your needs, and will see the project through from beginning to end.

At Linkbridge, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most dependable consecutive interpretation services available. With a team of hundreds working around the world, we can help your business be understood, wherever you are.

We Know What You Are Worried About

  • Risk of information being miss - interpreted or lost due to unprofessionalism of your interpreters.
  • Simultineous interpreter being a specialist in your field.
  • Proficient in foreign language and Chinese.
  • Good communication ability and marketing ability.
  • Shall be sensitive to numbers.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team
Each of our consecutive interpreter is Chinese native speaker with rich simultineous translation experience who will be matched with your field. Meanwhile, all interpreters are proficient in foreign language and Chinese.

Decent Appearence
Each of our consecutive interpreter has the good appearance and has completed the strict business etiquette, which will enhance corporate image of your company.

Good Oral Skills and Communication Ability
All interpreters have bachelor/master degree in linguistics from famous universities in China. They have standard pronunciation of foreign languages, good oral skills and communication ability.

Save Your Money
Linkbridge offers the most economical translation services without compromising on the accuracy and quality of translations.

Pay After Delivery
We genuinely trust our clients, which is why we have created the Pay After Delivery model and Promise timely resolution of issues to ensure user experience.

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Our Partners

Huajing Securities
Our department managers told us how pleased they were with the translation in question and wished to emphasize its excellent quality .
————————Huajing Securities
Thanks to Linkbridge’s highly flexible structure, they can finish our translation projects with high quality and make our teams’ specific processes streamlined . Linkbridge plays a key role in helping all of our teams work faster and more efficiently .
————————Dongfeng Renault
I really appreciate your fast response in transmitting the quote and the translation itself .
————————Office of Chinese Language Council International
I would like to say that we were very happy with your service from start to finish .
————————OATS HOUSE
It’s fine for me . An English - speaker in the office went over it and is perfectly happy with it too .
————————Devries Global
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