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When you are going to China where you don’t speak Chinese, you can rely on us for the escort interpreting service whether you are traveling in Beijing to see the Great Walls, whether you are meeting buyers in Guangzhou, or whether you are shopping in Shanghai/Yiwu. Our pleasant and helpful interpreters are happy to make your trip more enjoyable.

Linkbridge Translation based in Shanghai city in China has the expert team of professional certified escort interpreters that you need for all your business traveling, meetings and event hosting, in order to remain independent and confident, and to make sure that all your customers, potential customers and, of course, you are able to fully understand everything that goes on at all times.

Linkbridge Translation provides escort interpreters anywhere in China, whether in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, etc.

Linkbridge Translation provides Escort interpretation services throughout China in more than 120 languages. We provide professional Escort interpreters who could accurately interpret even the most complex technical topics worldwide for your event to fully support your meeting and help you achieve your business goals.

We work side by side with the best people in the interpreting industry, who have different specialties. Our Escort interpreters are not only trained language and interpreting experts, but each interpreter specializes in a specific area.

With Linkbridge, your employees can focus on their core task of delivering marketing and technical information with complete confidence, regardless of the audience's location, native language, or culture.

We always adhere to strict ethics and professional responsibility. With our network of more than 8,000 language professionals, we can connect you to Escort interpreters in any language. In addition, we can send interpreters anywhere within 24 hours. Contact our professional Escort interpreters today!

We Know What You Are Worried About

  • Language(S) Expert: When hiring an escort interpreter, make sure your escort interpreter is not only bilingual, but also fully fluent in both languages.
  • Culture(S) Expert: A good escort interpreter has had in - depth experience living in both cultures and can interpret cultural differences back and forth seamlessly to avoid any cultural confusion.
  • Location(S) Expert: It should go without saying that when hiring an escort interpreter, you want one who knows in detail the area to be traveled.
  • Personality, Professionalism and Trust: It is important to look for an escort interpreter that is friendly, personable and that you trust, since you will be depending on them to be your mouthpiece as you travel.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team
Each of our exhibition interpreter is Chinese native speaker with rich escort translation experience who will be matched with your field. Meanwhile, all interpreters are proficient in foreign language and Chinese.

Professional Team
Each of our exhibition interpreter has the good appearance and has completed the strict business etiquette, which will enhance corporate image of your company.

Good Oral Skills and Communication Ability
All interpreters have bachelor/master degree in linguistics from famous universities in China. They have standard pronunciation of foreign languages, good oral skills and communication ability.

Save Your Money
Linkbridge offers the most economical translation services without compromising on the accuracy and quality of translations.

Additional Service
We are especially familiar with Chinese market. If you would like to expand Chinese market for your products, we could offer you free consultancy.

Pay After Delivery
We genuinely trust our clients, which is why we have created the Pay After Delivery model and Promise timely resolution of issues to ensure user experience.

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Customer Testimonials

I received yourservice which is really impeccable: totally in keeping with our vision, I’m tempted to say!In any case, I would like to thank you for the perfect applicability and diligence used in carrying out this assignment .
Jiangsu Petroleum Machinery Co .,Ltd .
Linkbridge has allowed us to quickly get 5000 + words translated each week for our events and also made it such that we didn’t have to hire a person specifically to handle complex spreadsheets going back and forth between team and translators .
————————Jiangsu Petroleum Machinery Co .,Ltd .
Xian Brighter Oil Group Co .,Ltd .
Linkbridge’s flexibility was an important factor to us in choosing a suitable translation company as we needed a fair amount of adaption to our environment . Our project has been going well since we began cooperating with Linkbridge .
————————Xian Brighter Oil Group Co .,Ltd .
MCC Urban Construction
I would like to say that we were very happy with your service from start to finish . Your immediate response to all email sent helped with the urgent nature of our request in the short time frame that was given to you .
————————MCC Urban Construction
Nanjing Leads Biolabs
There were three main reasons why we decided to choose Linkbridge:high quality;fast delivery;low cost . We have excellent feedback from our project managers everytime .
————————Nanjing Leads Biolabs
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