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Are you looking for a reliable translation services partner for your business to outsource your enterprise translation requirements? Linkbridge Translation is a fast-growing translation company with the largest professional linguistic resource pools, most advanced industry-leading translation technology and first-class language solutions. We help our clients accelerate their business expansions in China and increasing revenue by providing professional translation services throughout China.
Well why should we outsource translation service? It is the safest and most cost-effecive solution for your company. If you hire one permanent full-time translator, what if it’s just not the right fit? What if the quality of his or her work isn’t as good as what was promised? What happens if the project suddenly gets put on hold for any number of reasons? Suddenly you’re stuck with a permanent employee on the payroll to whom you have to provide benefits, and this person might be stuck doing nothing but sitting in an office, unproductive, for 40 hours per week. In addition, if you would like to fire him/her, your company maybe have a large penalty or legal issue.

Linkbridge provides outsourcing translation services throughout China in more than 120 languages. We provide professional translators who could accurately translate even the most complex technical topics worldwide for your event to fully support your business and help you achieve your business goals.

We work side by side with the best people in the translation industry, who have different specialties. Our translators are not only trained language but each one specializes in a specific area.

With Linkbridge, your employees can focus on their core task of delivering marketing and technical information with complete confidence, regardless of the audience's location, native language, or culture.

We always adhere to strict ethics and professional responsibility. With our network of more than 8,000 language professionals, we can connect you to translators in any language. In addition, we can deliver translation service anywhere within 24 hours. Contact our professional conference interpreters today!

Modes of Talent Comparison

Outsourcing Mode
Traditional Mode

Customized translation

Optimize market allocation
Employee with rigid mindset

Respond quickly

Fast develop business
Time delay

Cost saving

Decrease the enterprise’s risk
Higher labor costs

Flexible employment

Implement feasible staff arrangement
Employing inappropriate person

Qulity Control

screening quality interpreters
The translators are limited

Caring service

A one - stop shop for your enterprise translation needs
Personnel assessment is not professional

Service Type

  • Overseas interpreter outsourcing
  • Domestic interpreter outsourcing
  • The short and medium term outsourcing: daily life、business、technology

Supported Languages


Service Process

Customer Testimonials

Shanxi Jiawei Co ., Ltd .
From start to finish, Linkbridge is able to handle our projects efficiently,and the workflow is smooth . So we have more free time to contrate on what’s to be done next .
————————Shanxi Jiawei Co ., Ltd .
Zijin Mining Group
Zijin Mining Group— trusted in Linkbridge Translation’s first -class services for many years . We would definitely recommend Linkbridge as a reliable translation partner .
————————Zijin Mining Group
Our level of satisfaction:very good: efficient,serious,high quality .
Huajing Securities
Our department managers told us how pleased they were with the translation in question and wished to emphasize its excellent quality .
————————Huajing Securities
Shengli Oilfield
Your translation was just excellent . Thank you . And this is why we’re calling on you again .
————————Shengli Oilfield
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