Gaming has become a huge industry, so much so that it is giving the biggies of the entertainment industry like movies, a run for their money.The demand for gaming is spreading internationally with rapidly growing gaming communities in countries.This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies that market their games in foreign countries.However, before going ahead with that such companies should make sure that their games are localized and translated for the countries in which they are marketed.Games that have been poorly translated generate great disappointment in the target audience, making the new version a failure in the target market.Don’t let that happen to your project! We have the key to achieving success.

The games market has become truly global and the demand for game translation services is growing proportionally. However, games that have been poorly translated generate great disappointment in the target audience, making the new version a failure in the target market.

Do you like it when a game feels like it was written for you and relates to your own cultural references? Well, that's what we do! Based in Shanghai City, Linkbridge Translation helps your games popular in China with more than 500 Chinese native speaking translators, localization & QA managers.

No one can translate the contents of your game to Chinese culture better than a Chinese native translator who’s been gaming their whole life!

Linkbridge offers professional gaming translation services for all game developing companies that would like to market their products in China which do not speak Chinese.

You’ll love our game translation services because we are professional native speakers and also avid gamers, so we are well aware of the needs of the users and have command of the terminology of the different platforms and genres.

So, if you are intending to promote your game in China do get in touch with us and we assure you the best professional translation services at the best possible rates. We also have strategic alliances with businesses in China, which allows us to offer our end customer a wide range of possibilities for 100 % localized versions.

The Challenges of Game Translation

  • Linguistic Challenges: Translators might have to work without Contexts and lack of context which can hinder productive localization.
  • Cultural Barriers: Games are meant to entertain a specified audience but different cultures find pleasure in different things. Games inherit much from various nations’ culture, mythologies, literature and history such as Greek mythology, Arthurian legends, or the samurai culture.
  • Variety of Genres: Games feature a multitude of genres, which require different translating skills from highly specialized technical terminology found in vehicle simulations, through specialized military jargon, names of historical buildings, weapons and devices, epic fantasy style to modern informal and slang expressions.
  • Restriction of Characters: Any character beyond the limit will either overflow or be cut-off.
  • Time Constraints: Game studios often work under tight deadlines, which may leave less time for translators to work on a game.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team:
Each of our passionate game translator is Chinese native speaker and long-time gamer who will be matched with your project needs. They are not only familiar with the technical terms and lingo used in the gaming industry but also get fully understand of Chinese culture.

Strong Communication Ability:
Although we get well knowledge of the game types, we will still keep touch with game developers to provide reference materials to understand the contexts.

Professional Localization Tools:
The professional tools to avoid characters overflow or cut-off.

Save Your Money and Time:
Our translation rates simply the lowest and the translation service is extremely efficient without any loss of quality, providing the most cost-effective solution for you. No one can give you better translation services at the same price level, not to mention we will help you save more without sacrificing quality.

Confidentiality lies at the heart of our game translation services. We follow strict privacy policies to safeguard client data, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your information.

We genuinely trust our clients, which is why we have created the Pay After Delivery model and Promise timely resolution of issues to ensure user experience.

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Customer Testimonials

Tencent Game
Thanks to Linkbridge’s highly flexible structure, they can finish our translation projects with high quality and make our teams’ specific processes streamlined. Linkbridge plays a key role in helping all of our teams work faster and more efficiently.
————————Tencent Game
NetEase Games
Linkbridge have provided the translation service for many of NetEase Game’s projects, and can always be depended on to provide reliable,accurate and efficient translations ready for our games .
————————NetEase Games
Galaxy Interactive Technology Co .,Ltd .
Working with Linkbridge has always been a great experience, and using the service was very helpful for finding improvements in the current localization in several languages . For that reason we were able to have a smooth release of our game, knowing that the localization met the quality standards for each target language .
————————Galaxy Interactive Technology Co .,Ltd .
Linkbridge has pretty much become our default localisation service provider: they worked with us for over 2 years to localise most of our games, they are all delivered in a timely manner by the on - Call experienced translators, well versed in anything historically or military accurate .
Fixing a cutoff translation normally takes 1 week(enter a bug, shorten the translation, wait for a new build, regress the bug to ensure the shorter translation is no longer cutoff),but Linkbridge is very fast and convenient!

They Choose Linkbridge

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