As more and more multinational companies enter Chinese market, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights here. There is no better way to do this than registering your technology patents and trademarks in China.
This is why you need Linkbridge Translation, the language service leader for professional and accurate patent translation, to help translate your inventions and legal documents into Chinese with quality and speed.

Our translation services include:
Patent applications for filing
Document translations for patent prosecution and litigation
Patent drawing localization

All translations are carried out and proofread by native Chinese experts in their respective fields. Areas that we have extensive experience in include Automotive, computer science, electronics, Information Technology, Internet, e-commerce, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, and Telecom.

With appropriate knowledge of applicable laws, accepted practices and/or regulatory directives in China, our team of experienced translators not only possess great linguistic ability, but also specialize in the depth knowledge of the subject matter that the patent relates to. Meanwhile we work with the top China patent law firms to help our international clients translate their patents with quality and speed.

The Challenges of Patent Translation

  • Terminology Challenge: One of the greatest challenges lies in the difficulty of translating technical terminology into precise corresponding words. The translator must know the technical conventions of the subject and use the correct jargon.
  • Patent Regulations Vary Between Countries: Patent translation requires coherence between two legal systems. Patent translators must be able to understand the laws of the source as well as the target country to create translations that conform to the legal system of the target audience. Legal translation of patents is a challenging job to the extent that even the slightest of mistakes may lead to serious legal problems.
  • Additional Cost: According to a survey, 55 percent of businesses have to bear additional internal and external costs of patent filing due to incorrect translations. These incorrect translations may sometimes lead to reduced scope of protection and enforceability which make the brands vulnerable to further intellectual property risks.
  • Time Constraints: Patent attorney offices often work under tight deadlines, which may leave less time for translators to work on patent translation.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team:
Each of our Patent translator is Chinese native speaker with long-time Patent translation experience who will be matched with your project needs. They are not only the the right technical expertise but also get appropriate knowledge of applicable laws, accepted practices and/or regulatory directives in China.

Legal Accuracy:
We work with the top China patent law firms. If required, claims and other critical texts can be reviewed by Chinese Attorney to ensure legal accuracy.

Save Your Money:
Our translation rates simply the lowest and the translation service is extremely efficient without any loss of quality, providing the most cost-effective solution for you. No one can give you better translation services at the same price level, not to mention we will help you save more without sacrificing quality.

Save Your Time:
Linkbridge emphasizes efficiency. We optimize all aspects of our services to provide fast responses to customers' needs and guarantee timely delivery of your accurately translated documents.

Confidentiality lies at the heart of our Patent translation services. We follow strict privacy policies to safeguard client data, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your information.

We genuinely trust our clients, which is why we have created the Pay After Delivery model and Promise timely resolution of issues to ensure user experience.

Patent Translation Services

Mechanical Engineering
New Material
Information Technology
Energy Technology
Environmental Technology
Chemical Technology
Medical Equipment
Computer Software
Automatic Control

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Customer Testimonials

State Intellectual Property Office
Our department managers told us how pleased they were with the translation in question and wished to emphasize its excellent quality .
————————State Intellectual Property Office
Thanks so much for staying on schedule . The translation was perfect .
If our intellectual property wasn’t translated properly, the patent can lose all its value and expose our business to additional competition . That’s why we trust Linkbridge .
Zhongxing Telecom Equipment
Just getting back to you about the translation . No particular comment, it’s perfect .
————————Zhongxing Telecom Equipment
We highly appreciate Linkbridge Translation for delivering the tasks on time and the level of attention to detail they have on the projects they participated so far .
Suzhou Handong Intellectual Property Agency Co ., Ltd .
Our level of satisfaction: very good: efficient, serious, high quality .
————————Suzhou Handong Intellectual Property Agency Co ., Ltd .
Beijing Jijia Intellectual Property Agency Co ., Ltd .
After having gone through the text, I would just like to express my great satisfaction for the work produced within the given timeframe .
————————Beijing Jijia Intellectual Property Agency Co ., Ltd .

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